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When You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

criminal defense attorneys smithfield ncAre you in need of professional legal help? Timing is critical when it comes to seeking legal advice. Avoid unnecessary troubles and get the services of a legal firm with the right qualifications, credentials, and experience as soon as you can.

Allow the great legal professionals at Mast Firm to help you make it out of whatever your situation may be, we’re always on top of our game and ready to hop into action.

From personal injury cases, divorce and family law issues, real estate, and business law, to criminal and DWI cases – we know how to give you the best chance at coming out on top of whatever your situation is. All of our legal experts carry out their duties extremely professionally, meaning you can rely on them to do their best work every single time. Let our legal representation answer all of your questions and relieve your doubts. Enjoy real peace of mind and security with our team of legal professionals.

Smithfield, Garner & Eastern North Carolina

Licensed Lawyers in Smithfield, NC Since 1962.

Johnston & Wake County Law Professionals

Since 1962, the lawyers at Mast, Johnson, Trimyer, Wright, Booker & Van Patten, P.A. have been providing professional and competent legal services to clients in the  Smithfield NC area and throughout all of Eastern North Carolina. Though our law practice focuses on Wake and Johnston counties, we handle cases all through central and eastern NC. The Mast Firm is known for being a dependable group of hard-working local NC lawyers who put clients’ needs and wants first – where ever they’re located.

Johnson County Attorneys on Your Side

Mast, Johnson, Trimyer, Wright, Booker & Trimyer is large enough to work with even the most complex cases. As well, we personalize our legal approach to our clients’ specific needs. If you need to talk to a good local lawyer with respect to a traffic ticket, personal injury claim, estate planning need, or a family law matter, feel free to email or call us. We have ourselves set up and ready to respond to any of your needs quickly so that you’re stuck in limbo for the least amount of time possible. We know how stressful legal issues can be, so we strive to be there to help you as soon as we can.

What Sets Mast Law Farm Apart in Eastern North Carolina?

For more than four decades, our attorneys have been representing plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of legal cases in Wake County, Johnston County, and beyond. With that type of experience, we know what to look for – and just what YOU should expect. We’ll give you the dependable legal services you expect whatever type of lawsuit you might have. Some law firms can truly only handle one or two types of legal issues, we pride ourselves on our expansive knowledge and ability to analyze a number of different legal issues.

Aggressive Representation in Accidental Injury Lawsuits

Our Smithfield personal injury lawyers fight vigorously for you. Whether you were initially injured in an automobile, truck or van, slip/fall, negligence, or medical negligence case, we will fight to acquire the highest possible sum of financial settlement coming from the negligent party’s insurance company lawyers or other potential sources.

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