Mast Firm obtains 10th largest NC recovery of 2015

Charles Mast and the Mast Firm went up against three of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the State to represent and recover fair damages for his client, who was injured when a surgical table electrically folded up on her during a hysterectomy surgery. This recovery was the 4th largest injury recovery in North Carolina during 2015, and the 10th largest recovery in the State overall.

A woman injured while undergoing surgery entered into a confidential, pretrial settlement for $5.3 million two days before her trial was scheduled to begin, her attorneys reported. Many of the details of the case are being withheld due to a confidentiality agreement, but the plaintiff’s attorney, Charles Mast of Smithfield, said his client suffered vaginal and rectal tearing and a back injury, and subsequent depression and diarrhea because the defendants failed to read, understand and follow warning labels on a surgical table. “The surgical table mechanically folded up into a U-shaped position during a hysterectomy, causing the inserted speculum to tear plaintiff from vagina to rectum,” Mast wrote in an email. Mast said the back injury was a lumbosacral plexus injury, which is often caused by vehicle-pedestrian collisions, highspeed automobile accidents and falls from great heights. The back and vaginal pain, Mast said, is permanent. The woman has been unable to have vaginal intercourse since the incident, and “diarrhea and depression continue to be a problem,” Mast wrote.

Source: North Carolina Lawyers Weekly January 11, 2016 I VOL.27, no. 45

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