North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Mast Law Firm can help YOU get the worker's compensation you deserve!

Mast Law Firm can help YOU get the worker’s compensation you deserve!

We handle work injury claims all over eastern North Carolina. A workplace injury can have devastating effects physically and financially. How will you pay your mortgage, rent, or living expenses when you are too injured to work?

If you have been injured on the job we can help. Our work injury attorneys have decades of experience helping injured workers in North Carolina receive the workers’ compensation (workers’ comp) benefits they deserve.

For a free consultation about your workplace injury claim, please contact a workers’ compensation attorney at Mast, Mast, Johnson, Wells & Trimyer P.A. today. We can help you with your initial claim for benefits, appeal a benefits denial, or get your benefits reinstated if they were wrongfully terminated.

Mast Law Firm assists people who have suffered on-the-job injuries as well as those who have developed an occupational illness. Has your work aggravated an existing injury to the point that you can no longer perform your assigned duties? We can help you, too. According to North Carolina state law, injured workers can be compensated for medical bills and lost wages. The family members of those who died in a work-related accident can receive death benefits too.
North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workman’s Compensation Attorney Experience Makes a Difference

Call the experienced lawyers at Mast Law Firm for workers compensation representation.

Call the experienced lawyers at Mast Law Firm for workers compensation representation.

Few North Carolina lawyers have more experience in workers’ comp cases than our work injury attorneys. We know how to navigate the complex requirements of the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act to help you obtain all the benefits that the law provides for you.

Generally, your employer’s insurance company covers workers compensation claims. The insurance company’s goal is to limit the amount of money they pay out in claims, including medial treatment, examinations, evaluations, prescription costs, and lost wages. They may look for excuses to deny your claim, or to limit your benefits. Having an attorney fighting for your rights can help you avoid costly delays and denials.

A lawyer can also help you pursue hearings and other procedures that are handled by the North Carolina Industrial Commission, which presides over workers’ compensation claims. An attorney specifically experienced in successfully handling these administrative tasks can be an invaluable asset.

Our work injury attorneys possess the skill and knowledge to help ensure that your workers’ compensation claim is handled fairly and efficiently. To discuss your claim, please contact our office today for a free consultation. To see more about our what we offer, visit our legal services page.