First Steps If You Have Been Injured At Work

Report your injury to your Employer and seek out appropriate medical treatment.

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Ask your employer what health care provider they want you see. Your employer may have a health care provider on your work site or may have instructed you to go to a designated health care office in case of work related injuries. If appropriate to the seriousness of your injury, report to that facility.

If there is no employer on-site or designated off-site health care provider, seek medical care appropriate to your medical needs. Depending on your circumstances, appropriate health care may be obtained from your family doctor or a hospital emergency room.


Tell your health care provider that your injury is related to your work and the name of your employer. This information allows the health care provider to bill treatment as a Workers’ Compensation claim.


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As soon as possible, inform an appropriate manager of your employer or the owner of your company that you have experienced a work related accident. If you can personally report your injury, do so. If you are unable to report your injury because of your medical condition, have a family member, friend or health care provider notify your employer of the injury as soon as possible.


This may be the best time to consult with an attorney. However, as soon as practical after the accident, and within thirty days, give written notice to your employer. A simple written statement giving the date of the accident and a brief description of the injury is all that is necessary, but there is also an official form you can file. If you cannot write the letter, have a friend or family member write it for you and send it to the employer. Keep a copy of the letter for your records. Find out more at our Workplace Injuries page


Follow your physician’s instructions for medical treatment. The goal of the Workers’ Compensation System in North Carolina is to ensure that you get good health care to restore you as nearly as possible to the health and ability to work that you had prior to your injury.

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