Insurance Disputes

Insurance Dispute Lawyers – North Carolina

business contract attorneyIn this day and time, many consumers, businesses, and individuals carry all different types of insurance. These policies are in the range of insuring businesses, property, automobiles, and boats and usually are very complicated documents.

Types of claims and lawsuits Mast Law Firm are prepared to handle are:

  • homeowner insurance
  • life insurance disputes
  • hurricane and tornado
  • mold and mildew
  • fire and lightening
  • boating & jet ski claims
  • homebuilder construction lawsuits
  • dog bite and other animal injuries

Mast, Johnson, Trimyer, Wright, Booker & Van Patten, P.A. is well experienced in handling simple and complicated insurance disputes. We stand ready, willing and able to meet with you and possess the skill and knowledge needed to help ensure that your insurance dispute is properly evaluated and that concrete recommendations are made.

Insurance Disputes

lawyers in smithfield nc 1The insurance dispute attorneys at Mast Firm possess the skill and knowledge to help ensure that your claim is handled fairly and efficiently. Our legal professionals can review your situation, examine the available benefits, and pursue the benefits you are entitled to.






If you have a dispute with your insurance company, call our Smithfield, North Carolina office at (919) 934-6187 or toll-free at (800) 280-6676. or our Cleveland/Garner office at (919) 661-2005. To discuss your insurance dispute, please contact us for a free consultation.For more information, visit our legal services page.

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