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nursing home attorney smithfield nc 1Our attorneys have fought for plaintiffs and defendants for more than four decades. We have an in-depth background in personal injury after representing hundreds of clients on all sides of a case.

Consistently, we provide our clients with a hands-on approach. We begin with a detailed investigation into the abuse allegations. Our attorneys work with healthcare professionals to review medical records and nursing charts. This information helps us determine who is at fault for not preventing nursing home abuse. As a legal team, we also work together to understand the type of nursing home abuse, such as:

  • Bed sores
  • Broken bones
  • Medication error
  • Failure to treat an illness
  • Death
  • Major Types of Elder Abuse

We also meet with other family members to determine if other nursing home residents have been abused. Now you have to keep in mind that no two cases of elder abuse are the same, and the exact details can vary wildly. We can generally squeeze it into one of two categories of abuse. Those would be physical abuse, which involves laying hands on someone or striking them with an object or anything like that. But you cannot discount the invisible effects of emotional abuse as well. Elderly individuals are often unwilling to report bullying and unable to fight back against it. Emotional abuse could be as obvious as constant screaming or verbal assault, or it could be harder to notice and report, like threatening things every time they get close, etc. This can cause drastic mood swings and is detrimental to your elderly loved ones’ overall health.

There are far more types of abuse out there that you need to be on the lookout for. Among them is sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is the non-consensual initiation of physical or sexual contact. Financial abuse is another one that we see all too frequently when we work with the elderly. This can be very hard to spot unless you keep a close eye on their finances, and even then, it’s very difficult to stop with a lot of people only targeting the elderly for financial crimes. Lastly, not all abuse is as “active” as some of the past ones we have mentioned. Neglect is all too common in nursing homes and can quickly lead to disastrous health effects. Often neglect isn’t even done intentionally; it can come down to inadequate staffing and training. Neglect could be as simple as forgetting to get water for and provide daily items for your loved one. Or as malicious as failing to administer medication, flipping to avoid bedsores, or ignoring the warning signs or dangerous symptoms.

Preparing Every Case for Trial

nursing home negligence 1Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping accident victims recover as much financial compensation as possible to cover hospital bills and ongoing treatment needs. We will work with your doctor to determine the extent of your loved ones’ injuries. This testimony will be used in court to reach the best verdict possible. We have an unmatched dedication to standing up for all victims of abuse, neglect, or injuries. We will do our best to keep you advised of your rights. Many injuries in long-term care facilities are completely accidental; sometimes falls and other incidents are just bound to happen as you age. But that’s not to say that the misconduct or carelessness of the staff never causes injuries.

In our opinion, there is zero room and no excuses for misconduct or abuse in an elder-care facility. Anyone willing to engage in these behaviors and any employers or organizations that allow it should be held accountable to the full extent of the law..

We also vigorously defend clients accused of nursing home abuse. We will gather as many facts as possible to prepare for trial — this will give us the ability to negotiate with the other side effectively.

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