Photo of Talitha “Tali” Ekis

Talitha “Tali” Ekis


Phone: 919.934.6187 Work Fax: 919.938.4240

Talitha, better known as Tali, became a new addition to our firm in April 2014. She was born in Peru, South America and lived in Ecuador, South America, before moving to the United States in 1993. Talitha has ten years of experience working as a paralegal, primarily in the fields of worker’s compensation and personal injury. She is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English, and has been interpreting in the legal field since 2005. In addition to her duties as a paralegal in the firm’s workers’ compensation and personal injury practices, she also serves as the firm’s interpreter.

Talitha has lived in Johnston County with her two beautiful children, Ian and Kayla, since 2007. When she is not at the office, she can often be found shuttling her children back and forth to football, soccer, cheerleading and other seasonal activities. When she manages to find a free moment, Talitha enjoys a trip to the beach and reading.