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Presenting a case at trial is undeniably a challenging experience. When a legal problem arises, you need the assistance of a seasoned lawyer. Not to mention you deserve and expect dedication, professionalise, and competence concerning promptness, admiration, and your legal issue and advice in regard to client service.

Trial lawyers represent client’s court cases. After conducting legal research, trial lawyers go to court to contend their client’s case on their behalf to the judge. Trial lawyers should therefore be good at examining all the necessary evidence as well as researching laws and judicial decisions that are relevant to the case at hand. All of the lawyers at Mast Law Firm are well educated, and prepared to stand in front of any court to plead your case as best we can. We believe that everyone deserves quality legal representation.

With such huge responsibility, it is critical you get a trial attorney that can provide exceptional legal representation and can devise creative solutions to matters involving contract law, business litigation, defamation, construction and real estate law, employment law, family law, and more.

Trial Attorneys

Experienced Trial Attorneys NC

Since 1962, our attorneys at Mast, Mast, Johnson, Wells & Trimyer P.A, have successfully represented clients in throughout Eastern North Carolina. We’ve been achieving record-breaking verdicts and settlements for several decades in all areas of complex litigation.

We take pride in all our seasoned lawyers as we continue to provide excellent client service in addition to our legal professionals. We guarantee that our attorneys have extensive trial experience and professionalism in the fundamental legal issues faced by our clients.  We’re results-oriented, with a constant eye on the bottom line.

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Our approach has remained consistent over the years – we provide detailed legal service that is tailored to our clients’ unique needs. May it be complex business litigation, catastrophic personal injury, intellectual property, employment law, real estate, professional liability, insurance law, or any other substantive areas – we are confident that we can achieve the best possible result for our clients.

At Mast, Mast, Johnson, Wells & Trimyer, we have a strong background representing our clients in a case at trial. Our approach is aggressive, sophisticated, efficient and confident. We work toward our client’s immediate problems as well as we effectively identify and pursue counterclaims and cross-claims that might not be evident at the outset of a case.

Our consistent track record of unbending ethics instills trust among our clients.  We likewise use cutting edge technologies so that we can give our clients the most relevant information and perspective as soon as possible. Your satisfaction and the outcome of your specific case are of the utmost importance to us. We feel that we still have the time and ability to work personally with everyone who needs a qualified trial attorney.


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