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Entrepreneurs face many tough decisions when launching new businesses. At Mast, Johnson, Trimyer, Wright, Booker & Van Patten, P.A., our business law attorneys, and corporate lawyers have represented small and large corporations for over four decades. We are well-prepared to help you make your vision a reality. Contact us today for experienced legal representation.

Strong Experience Helping Clients Start a Business

Since 1962, our attorneys have worked with family-run businesses and publicly traded companies. Our approach has remained consistent over the years – we cultivate close business relationships with our clients to understand their current and long-term goals.

As business law attorneys, we understand that proper planning will help minimize any future tax or legal implications. Our lawyers work closely with clients to determine their objectives by asking several questions, such as:

  • Where will your customers be located?
  • Who will be in charge of the business?
  • What type of business will you be involved in?
  • What will be the company’s liability limits?
  • What types of insurance coverage will you need for your business?
  • What rules, regulations, and laws will your company need to comply with?

This detailed analysis will help us determine if your company should be listed as a general partnership, limited liability corporation (LLC), or possibly a C or S corporation.

Protecting Your Assets

A key part of starting a business includes developing clear and effective contracts. Our lawyers have a strong background in employment law and will create valuable employee manuals and handbooks to outline severance agreements, vacation policies, and other important legal information.

These contracts will protect you when disputes occur between employees, former employees, shareholders, and investors. We are experienced in negotiation and will effectively safeguard your assets.

Business & Customer Contracts

Mast Law Firm can also help you review, modify, and/or prepare contracts used in your business. We can help you make sense of presented contracts, negotiate terms, and create contracts that will increase your likelihood of compliance and success should a dispute arise. Additionally, we can add provisions in the documents that may allow for attorney fee reimbursement should you need to pursue or defend an action against your corporation. However, should the unlikely situation arise wherein you need an attorney to go to court, our trial attorneys will be happy to go to court to assist you.

Annual Filing Requirements

When you operate a business, you also have additional responsibilities and requirements that must be met. You may have to prepare annual reports or hold annual corporate meetings. We can assist you in preparing these documents when the need arises.

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If you want to start a business, you need an experienced attorney. Our legal team has more than 40 years of experience in business and is ready to help you.

Call us at (800) 280-6676 or e-mail us to schedule a flexible appointment. Our lawyers offer confidential consultations at our law offices in Garner and Smithfield. For more information, visit our legal services page.

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