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smithfield nc attorneysFor more than 45 years, our attorneys have offered a broad range of legal services. We are dedicated to providing prompt, efficient legal counsel, and we strive to keep costs at a minimum.

At Mast, Johnson, Trimyer, Wright, Booker & Van Patten, P.A., we provide a universal approach to your issue, tailoring our work to clients’ current and future needs. With more than four decades of history in the area, our Garner and Smithfield NC lawyers have developed a reputation for outstanding legal representation. Contact us today to meet with one of our experienced lawyers.

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Since 1962, our attorneys have represented clients with simple and complex legal needs in a variety of areas, such as:

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

personal injury attorney will be able to help you get an accurate estimate of your damages, and press for a full and fair settlement offer. The legal service we provide at Mast Law Firm is always individualized and efficient, and we want our clients to be comfortable with bringing all of their personal legal needs to our attention.

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Work Injuries/Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured on the job, we can help. Our work injury attorneys have decades of experience helping injured workers in North Carolina receive the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.  People often refer to this as just “workers’ comp” or even “workmen’s compensation” depending on the area.

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Construction Injuries

alimony-spousal-support-casesWhen an on-the-job accident happens due to insufficient safety precautions, someone must be held responsible, and we can help. At the Law Offices of Mast, Johnson, Trimyer, Wright, Booker & Van Patten, P.A., our Raleigh workers’ compensation attorneys have years of experience handling all types of compensation claims. We are familiar with local laws, including North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, and know how to fight contractors and insurance companies to make sure that you get sufficient compensation for your damages, pain, and suffering.

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Automobile, Motorcycle & Truck Accidents

If you were injured or if a loved one suffered a wrongful death in a car wreck that was caused by someone else’s negligence or fault, please contact an experienced auto accident attorney at Mast, Law Firm in Smithfield or Garner, North Carolina, today for a free consultation and case evaluation. If you were injured in a trucking accident we have experienced attorneys available to help – learn more.

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Domestic & Family Law, Including Divorce

At Mast Law Firm, our family law attorneys have more than four decades of experience helping North Carolinians resolve a wide range of family law matters. You can rely on our skills and experience to help you achieve the best possible outcome to your legal situation. To discuss your family law concern, please contact an attorney at our law offices in Smithfield NC, or Garner NC today.

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Equitable Distribution of Property and Separation Agreements.

The equitable distribution of property is one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce or legal separation. How can you make sure you aren’t taken advantage of by your ex-spouse? Contact the lawyers of Mast Law Firm in Smithfield NC for Johnston County or Garner, North Carolina for Wake County.  We realize that family matters such as divorce or separation can be some of the most trying in a person’s life. Let an experienced divorce lawyer at Mast help you through this with clear, logical, and knowledgeable advice and guidance.

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Child Custody, Visitation, and Child Support

The child custody and visitation attorneys of Mast Law Firm can help you protect and enforce your rights as a parent. Please contact our law firm today to discuss your concerns about child custody and visitation.

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Estate Planning; Wills, Trust, Powers of Attorney

Our wills, estates, and trusts practice at Mast Law Firm has over four decades of experience in meeting the needs of our clients and their families. We have followed our estate plans from drafting and execution, through revision, and all the way through probate administration and final distribution. With careful drafting, a will can survive all of these steps intact, minimize taxes, and weather any challenges that dissenters attempt to make.

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Insurance Disputes & Litigation

Mast Law Firm is well experienced in handling simple as well as complicated insurance disputes. Insurance litigation with large insurance companies can be a waiting game with suits, countersuits, and more. This can all be accompanied by a lot of stalling and delays. You need a company that can help push your case through as fast as possible and carry through with whatever is required. We stand ready, willing, and able to meet with you and possess the skill and knowledge needed to help ensure that your insurance case is properly evaluated and that concrete recommendations are made.

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Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you have been charged with any type of misdemeanor or felony, it is truly in your best interest to contact knowledgeable legal representation as soon as possible.  There are many nuances to our complex legal system and having a professional on your side can mean the difference between jail time and being cleared. Mast Firm is here to represent you for charges like breaking and entering, assault, sexual assault, rape, weapons charges, drug charges, embezzlement, white-collar crimes, and even manslaughter or murder.

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Traffic Offenses

johnston county nc attorneys 2At Mast our traffic ticket law firm and attorneys can help protect you and in many instances, minimize any points that may be added to your Driving Record and Insurance Record. Our experience has taught us that letting any violation go unattended can have a severe impact on your license and insurance, so prompt attention is critical. Contact us right away if you have been charged with a traffic violation.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Our clients count on us to provide comprehensive legal counsel at reasonable rates, with personal attention, and careful thought given to every case. Our firm was founded on the principles of responsive, accessible, and effective legal counsel – we continue that tradition today.

Our professional staff at the law firm of Mast, Johnson, Trimyer, Wright, Booker & Van Patten, P.A. is dedicated to providing responsive and effective legal service to all of our clients. Do you need a lawyer you can trust that serves either the Smithfield or Garner area? We strive to earn the trust that our clients express when they choose our firm, and we recognize that the matter we are assisting you with is often the most important thing going on in our clients’ lives.

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